Technical assistance in: Term Sheet definition Preliminary Lease Agreements Definitive Lease Agreements Preliminary Sales and Purchase Agreements Definitive Sales and […]

Project Completion Handover

Overview commissioning Overview testing and balancing of MEP systems Manage punch lists / snagging lists Manage collection of as-built drawings […]

Construction management

Overview and management of Contractors and Direzione Lavori Manage Contractors’ / Site meetings Manage approval of Contractors’ submittals Expediting of […]

Tender management

Construction tender strategies (GC vs MC + subs vs packaging contractors vs fast track) Contracting strategies (lump sum, GMP, cost […]

Design management

Assistance in Design Team selection / contracting Design Brief Best Practices / Conceptual Construction Sustainability strategies Design management / design […]

Permitting / Approvals

Management of Permitting / Approval processes, including: Local Authority approvals Zoning / Change of use / Entitlement approvals Listed Building […]

Enabling Works

Management of Enabling Works carried out by specialst consultants and contractors including: – Strip out, demolitions, excavations – Preliminary infrastructures


Assistance in the acquisition phase Technical due diligence Management of feasibility studies Management of Programming / Masterplanning Technical assistance in […]